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VVS is your multi-disciplinary 

Virtual Referral Service

The VVS digital platform makes it possible to have real-time live interactions with Veterinary Specialists, enabling you to access specialist knowledge and advice for your patients wherever and whenever you need it.

Convenient for your clients. Less stressful for your patients, as they remain in the familiar surroundings of your clinic.

Working with you to improve

your patient outcomes

Improve your knowledge and skills through working up your own cases under the real-time live guidance of our Specialists. From interactive case discussions to real-time live consultations and guided case work-ups..

What Vets say about VVS

Having worked with VVS for 2 ½ years now, I could not be more impressed with the service, high level medical expertise and equipment used. For a first opinion vet with an interest in cardiology, the opportunity to be able to offer specialist level cardiology workups in house has been invaluable. The service provides great value for money for the client, as well as the convenience of being able to have their much loved pets assessed by a specialist without the stress or difficulty of distant referral.

Dr. Oliver Duprey


I highly recommend the Virtual Veterinary Specialists service. My patients, my clients and my team have benefited enormously. My patients and clients have received a specialist opinion, without needing to leave the practice and in a cost effective manner. As a feline veterinary surgeon, this has been fantastic, as so many cats go without the help they need because owners do not want to travel them. As a veterinary surgeon it has allowed me to develop my technical skills in ultrasound under the guidance of an understanding and helpful Specialist and given me tailored CPD. As an employer it has given my team the help and motivation to work up their cases fully with resultant job satisfaction. As a business owner it has helped keep the financial benefits of case work up within my business. I look forward to utilising the full range of services as they become available. I believe Virtual Veterinary Specialists is the future of veterinary medicine and will play a key role in retaining great vets in general practice in years to come.

Dr. Ellie Marriott BVSc MANZCVS MRCVS

Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine – Feline

The service you provide is excellent and I think well worth the cost to the client.

Dr. Carli Bentley


The VVS platform has dramatically improved my work up of cardiac cases. I started as a novice in echocardiography. Nuala is a superb teacher and guides you through the echo process with patience and clarity. It’s ideal for patients who would otherwise have to travel to benefit from the expertise of a cardiology specialist. Nuala is very easy to work with and my own knowledge has increased way beyond what I could have gleaned from a referral report. Both my understanding of cardiology and my practical skills in performing the echo have improved through the ongoing discussion during the work ups. This really is an invaluable tool – I can’t recommend it enough!

Dr. Kat Hull


Having the VVS service has been invaluable for us as a busy 24 hour hospital. We have been able to keep complex cases inhouse as well as progress as individuals with the more routine cases. I had zero experience of cardiac ultrasonography before having the VVS service and it has given me confidence that I can get a diagnosis! CPD just for working up a case is such a bonus. The patience shown when you first start is amazing and the teaching throughout top notch! Our clients think it is a very forward-thinking service and love that we can get specialist input (both for initial diagnosis and follow up) but they can continue being cared for by the vets they know and trust.

Dr. Kelly Burrow


VVS has been such a great addition to our practice both for staff and owners. The service has given us the ability and confidence to pursue the diagnosis of conditions in house, meaning that we as vets have greater interest in the case, the owner and pet stay in a familiar environment and the practice financially benefits.

I quickly realised this was going to be a win, win, win situation when we trialled the service. There was no pressure but great support and endless patience from the team at VVS.

My staff have really benefited from being able to use this service too – their skill set has grown without feeling like they are stepping into uncharted territory. Whether it is advice on Oncology, live ultrasound guidance or Internal Medicine case reviews, the VVS Consultants have been there with up to date information, years of experience and moral support.

I can’t speak highly enough of all the VVS team.

Dr. Johanna Headley


The VVS service was introduced to our practice about a year ago as a cardiology second opinion service but quickly expanded to other disciplines.

For me and all the vets in the practice this was the very first contact to the much-talked-about telemedicine.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that VVS provided all the necessary kit to start the service immediately and the support to use the tools has been extremely good from start.

The veterinary specialists are extremely helpful and patient to explain clearly the different conditions and they always take extra time to improve my knowledge and, in case of the cardiology service, my ultrasound scanning skills.

The communication is definitely one the strongest points. The VVS specialists help us achieve a diagnosis quicker, formulate a treatment plan and pass the information on to the clients in a clear way.

The real benefit for me is being able to follow up a case that otherwise would have been referred elsewhere with little chance for me to learn the diagnostic process or the treatment; doing so I can also improve my practical skills under the guidance of a specialist.

Dr. Luca Gaffuri


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Benefits to You

Here are a few of the many ways that VVS can benefit you, your practice and your patients.
Specialist guidance empowers you to do more for your patients.
Increased convenience in a familiar setting.
Faster diagnosis under one roof.
Giving more pets access to specialist care.



Integrate specialists seamlessly into your practice.


User friendly patented technology allows the specialist to see what you see and hear what you hear.


All services are followed up with a written report.


Personalised continuous professional development with certification on your own cases.


For the patient, client, vet and specialist.


Service can be accessed from desktop, laptop, tablet and your mobile.

Our Services

VVS offers a number of ways to access specialist support for your cases effortlessly.
From advice calls to live, guided real-time case investigations.

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