Frequently Asked Questions

Why was VVS created?

At VVS we recognise that Vets face the ongoing challenge of maintaining an enormous breadth of knowledge and skills across all areas, within the constraints of a busy first opinion practice. Coupled with the increased demand for advanced veterinary care and high client expectations, many Vets can feel under pressure to refer all but the most routine cases and understandably worry about losing their clinical skills.

What is the VVS Solution?

Using patented technology, VVS provides a unique, simple and efficient way for Vets to access highly qualified and experienced Specialists on-demand. VVS empowers Vets who would like to be more involved in the work-up and management of their own cases in-house, under the real-time guidance of a VVS Specialist.

How does VVS work?

The VVS platform uses patented technology to enable a highly interactive, live, virtual consultation between Vet and Specialist.

The VVS software integrates seamlessly with diagnostic equipment including webcams, high resolution digital medical cameras, stethoscope and ECG, allowing all this important diagnostic information to be shared simultaneously and easily in real-time from your practice directly to the Specialist. The Specialist is able to see your patient in high resolution, to hear your patient’s heart and lung sounds in real-time during auscultation and to see diagnostics such as the ECG in real-time, as you record them.


The live ultrasound images can also be sent directly from your ultrasound machine across the VVS platform in HD quality, enabling the Specialist to watch your ultrasound examination in real-time and provide on-the-spot interpretation, as well as practical advice and guidance on your ultrasound technique.


Why is VVS unique?

Working with VVS Specialists not only ensures improved patient outcomes, but also provides the associated benefits of retained practice revenue, improved case follow-up and a unique ‘hands-on’ learning opportunity, not typically associated with external referral. Not to mention you’ll have a happy client and pet who no longer have the inconvenience and stress of traveling to see a Specialist.

What are the benefits of VVS?

Our Benefits

Here are a few of the many ways that VVS can benefit you, your practice and your patients.

Benefits for Vets

Specialist guidance empowers you to do more for your patients.

Benefits for Pets

Faster diagnosis under one roof.

Benefits for Clients

Increased convenience in a familiar setting.

Benefits for Specialists

Giving more pets access to specialist care.